Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My First Facial With Victory

I've never had a facial or any kind of skin therapy before but I've always wanted to try it out because I do have eczema and acne, which leave behind some nasty scars. Victory ( contacted me and asked me If I was interested in collaborating with them and coming over to their clinic to test out their BLC Therapy and Vitamin C Facial. "BLC Therapy is a great rejuvenation treatment to boost your skin's health from within whereas Vitamin C is a natural skin brightener to freshen your skin and even out skin tone." Which is very beneficial for clearing acne and reducing the appearance of scars, I have quite a few on my face and back. After hearing about the incredible results and browsing their website I just had to accept their offer. I also have a $50 gift voucher* from Victory for you, so keep reading...

(* Voucher is now expired)

So I booked an appointment on a Friday afternoon and made my way to their clinic which is located in a residential area in Chatswood (a 10-15 minutes walk from Chastwood Station). Walking into the clinic I was greeted by Melanie and asked to fill in a form about myself. Then I headed into an office for a consultation with Yunita. The clinic was very beautiful, quite minimalist (my favourite) and made me feel very comfortable. 

After the consultation, Yunita began the BLC Therapy and Vitamin C Facial. 

Complementary tea that was absolutely delicious

The experience was so relaxing and calming, Yunita talked me through pretty much everything she was doing and described what each thing did, which was so nice and informative. Also nothing hurt, all the procedures were non-invasive, which was great. After everything was done we headed back into the office and Yunita showed me the pictures of the before and after of my face. I was shocked, there were already improvements to my skin, my face had become less puffy, my scars had risen and my acne scars had faded. I would definitely recommend this therapy and facial to anyone who has acne and/or scars, it's incredible. Also they gave me a goodie bag with their Care Complex Cream, Peeling Gel and a brochure with information about their treatments. I've been using these products for about a week now and they are fantastic.

Victory have kindly given me a $50 gift voucher to give to you, if you'd like to try out the treatment. All you need to do is click on the link below, download the file, print the gift voucher and then show it to the staff. Alternatively you can just have the gift voucher on your phone and show it to the staff.
If you'd like to know more information or would like to book an appointment (they also offer a free consultation), head over to their website: 

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