Saturday, May 21, 2016

Luvenesco: Beard & Skin Oil

People always go on about taking care of your skin but you don't really hear about people taking care of their beard the way do their skin. Do you want a soft and amazing looking beard? Luvenesco is the solution for this...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

april '16 mood board

so i got a little bored and made a mood board. now i'm going to try to make sense of some of the things i've included...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Solid Colognes from Solid State

Personally I think colognes are so important, they can be attached to a memory of a person, make you smell incredible, can make you more confident and awakens the senses. I do have quite the collection of perfumes but one common problem I do find with male perfumes is that most of them are just toilettes, which contains less perfume concentrates than parfum, thus they don't last very long at all.

Solid State ( contacted me and asked If I'd like review their Solid colognes. I immediately accepted, I was all up for trying out a solid cologne because I've never tried one before and was quite curious if it I'd like it not...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My First Facial With Victory

I've never had a facial or any kind of skin therapy before but I've always wanted to try it out because I do have eczema and acne, which leave behind some nasty scars. Victory ( contacted me and asked me If I was interested in collaborating with them and coming over to their clinic to test out their BLC Therapy and Vitamin C Facial. "BLC Therapy is a great rejuvenation treatment to boost your skin's health from within whereas Vitamin C is a natural skin brightener to freshen your skin and even out skin tone." Which is very beneficial for clearing acne and reducing the appearance of scars, I have quite a few on my face and back. After hearing about the incredible results and browsing their website I just had to accept their offer. I also have a $50 gift voucher* from Victory for you, so keep reading...

(* Voucher is now expired)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Making A Statement With SOXHQ

I've recently fallen in love with wearing statement stocks with my jeans rolled up and coincidentally SOXHQ contacted me asking if I'd like to collaborate with them. After browsing their website ( I quickly accepted their offer, I highly suggest you check out their website. They hooked me up with a discount code so if you'd like to purchase some of these amazing statement socks from SOXHQ I have a 15% discount code for you, just enter "BRANDURNSO" at checkout. They...
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