Sunday, April 24, 2016

april '16 mood board

so i got a little bored and made a mood board. now i'm going to try to make sense of some of the things i've included...

my current favourite song: 
flume - say it (ft. tove lo) 
if you like a good drop, this is the song for you. the production is just absolutely spectacular, i wasn't really big into flume's earlier work but recently i've been loving all his new stuff and i'm actually really excited to hear his new album 'skin' when it drops in may. furthermore, tove lo's vocals are just spectacular in this song, they're really showcased and i love it when she sings "oh, oh, oh, oh". these two working together is just a match made in heaven. 

style watch: 
tucking in your shirt and showing off your belt with casual outfits
moving away from the whole extended tees trend, i've been really into this lately, i always thought tucking in your shirt made you look 'nerdy' per se but its really not the case. it creates quite a smart/casual look and you get to show off your belt, which i'm quite obsessed with lately. if you're not sure if you'll look good in this or not, i'd suggest testing it out with an unzipped jacket on top and it will only show the front part.

pastel/baby pink baseball caps
i have yet to purchase one, but i really want one. i've been really liking pastel colours lately but have been too afraid to buy something. also its quite hard to find pastel baseball caps with a nice design that isn't sold in another country and charges $25+ for shipping to australia. so yeah, hopefully i find one soon.

"shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist"
this couldn't be anymore true, for me at least. when i go shopping and if i buy something i really like, i instantly feel better. it's so therapeutic. i don't know if it's just that i have an obsession with buying stuff or what. oh also, if i buy something that i like and it's on special, oh wow, all my problems are nowhere to be seen.

fried hot chips
not much is needed to be said here. nothing is better than a bowl of hot chips to snack on. whether it be from maccas (mcdonalds) or a overpriced cafe, it is usually so delicious. 

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