Saturday, May 21, 2016

Luvenesco: Beard & Skin Oil

People always go on about taking care of your skin but you don't really hear about people taking care of their beard the way do their skin. Do you want a soft and amazing looking beard? Luvenesco is the solution for this...

They sent me over a sample of their Luvenesco Black Gold Conditioning Beard Oil & Skin and I tried it out. I know what you're thinking, umm.. you don't have a beard, how did you try it? Well not only does the product work for beards, it also is perfect for your skin. Opening the sample, I had a smell of the oil and I was delighted with the smell of very organic and masculine scent. This is because they only use natural and organic ingredients in the oil, which is free from any horrible chemicals. So if you have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation this product will be perfect for you.

To apply the oil, I washed my face and poured a small amount of conditioning oil onto my hand then rubbed through my fingertips and gently massaged it into my skin. After applying the oil my skin felt very luminous and smooth, which I loved.

As I don't have a beard I wanted to find out how others with a beard thought about the product, here are some general thoughts I found about the product; 

"Having recently grown my first beard I wanted an oil with no or little smell, eco friendly and hopefully some control of the beard. The Luvenesco beard oil does all this. Just a drop of oil, work into the beard and comb through as to how you want it. The beard glows." 
- Dr T (from Amazon)

"Growing my beard longer and it was getting dry and looking bitty. Thought I would try this product. Works great - beard feels softer and looks a lot more 'tailored' have since bought Luvenesco beard wash/conditioner. Complement each other well. Would recommend both products."
- Dennis (from Amazon)

 I definitely recommend this product if you have a beard and would like to make your beard feel and look healthier. If you'd like to purchase a product or just find out more go to:

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